August 4th, 2009



Business As Usual

Two major rush print orders out the door this morning. Both of them just came in last night, but they were needed for GenCon, and I hated to make them pay for express mail, so... up late (TOO LATE) printing and then up early because Jake called and shared all his early morning energy with me over the phone. Anyone that perky before 6:30 should be shot. Dropped the print orders off at the post office this morning before work.

Dredging through my emails, but am sure I'm missing things.

My brain won't quit going over and over and OVER what I'm going to do after the giftshop downsize. Do I keep just prints up? Link to Cafepress/Zazzle, etc? Continue to accept new designs? How should I retool the submission end of things?

I'm thinking I want to suspend it with just current prints available for a while until I get commission-control going. And I'm sole coder at the PA site again, so that means some fixes over there that I need to take care of, too.

(Quit it brain, I'm tired already.)

Art and Authoring

I'm keeping this section out of sheer cussed stubbornness right now. I WILL have art and writing time again someday. Did I mention that I have a studio show in September? I have to pick some pieces and mat them.

Home and Health

I'm afeared that the smoke isn't going to stop until it rains, which my coworker cheerfully says should happen this weekend - because the fair starts this weekend! The only thing saving me from kicking her in the shins is that our desks are too far apart.


I'm aiming to get my tents set up tomorrow after work (I have to pick one up in North Pole tonight), and the largest of my displays. Thursday, I am sleeping in. Decadently. Maybe until noon. Then, I'll take another carload of stuff to the fair, unpack and spread out and get ready for an awesome amazing wonderful week at my Very Last Fair.

Oo! I get to use my car roofrack for the first time.

But now, I have to pick up my coworker because her car just broke down on the side of the road! Oh no!

Calendars! Woot!

Nice Mr. FedEx man just brought me some boxes of calendars! Not only do I Actually Have Them for the fair, they look HAWT. The shrink wrap looks snazzy, they replaced that wimpy cardboard insert tissue paper that they've used the last two years with honest-to-god CARDBOARD, and they remembered to drill the hanging hole (yeah, they forgot to, on Mere's!). My standards may have fallen, because I am over the moon that they delivered what I ordered, when I ordered it.

Oh, and the calendar itself looks fantastic, too. I did okay!