July 31st, 2009



Ellen Million Graphics

Got all the EMG-Zine updates done this morning, and finished the Print Order of Dooooom. I just need to add popcorn and tape it shut and make a trip to the post office!

Art and Authoring

I want to finish my meaty mermaid piece today. Shall post it later if I manage to make progress! I scribbled some logo ideas for a friend, but haven't scanned them for her yet.

Home and Health

We were going to go camping, but totally got smoked out. Our air advisory moved from Unhealthy to Very Unhealthy last night. Today, it's all the way down to Moderate, but I look outside and think it may go back up again. The air conditioner we (finally!) got is incredibly wonderful, and between that and the little air purifier, the bedroom is this little haven of cool, breathable air.

And no, I didn't decide to go into work after arranging the day off. Of course, they forgot that it was a day off, and called to find out where I was. (My own fault, I neglected to put it on the calendar after we talked about it, and my boss totally admitted it was in one ear and out the other.)


I want to clean up today - things have gotten entirely out of hand in my studio, and the floors everywhere need mopped dreadfully.

I can fly...

Something I posted a long time ago, buried in the old snowunicorn livejournal:

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had moments when I was absolutely certain that if I jumped juuuust right, I could fly.

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