July 29th, 2009

ellen with wrench


Ellen Million Graphics

I'm ready to drop-kick my printer out a window. I think my new studio window is actually big enough to fit it through, but I can't lift it. That's all that's saving it right now. I think I'll need to replace the feed rollers. I'm going to try some rubber reconditioner first. Settings are being squirrelly, too. Rargh.

But the big print order is more than half finished, and I have the morning (fast disappearing!) off from workstuff.

I've done a rough proof of the 2008 anthology, and it looks, honestly, even better than last year's. *is pleased*

Art and Authoring

Pleased with the beta-response for A Simple Order. It's doing what I wanted it to do. I'm a little worried about how it reads to folks who aren't Torn World savvy, so I'll be looking for a few more out-of-network readers. Thank you, guys! I will respond individually when I get the chance!

Home and Health

My mantra right now is: don't kill yourself. I'm getting the sleep I need, taking the breaks I need, exercising and eating right. The fair is in a week and a few days, then we're into mad-panic Dragon*Con prep, and it spirals downhill from there to Christmas. So, I'm working on the not working myself to death thing.

There is a woodpecker outside of my window now, and a gray jay was by earlier SHRIEKING about the lack of suet.


Finish this goddamn print order before I take a hammer to my printer. Shower. Work this afternoon. Go to Sam's Club with Karen to buy tents for the fair. Stop by the fair first to get my vending package. Pick up more white transfers from Kev on that end of town. Sleep, eat and all the other good stuff.

The biggest name in fantasy art

Would it be terribly, terribly wrong to redesign my site around the motto: The BIGGEST name in fantasy art?

I mean... it is.

Unless you know someone named Trillion or Billion out there who draws fairies and unicorns and such.

Maybe just my personal site.

With a disclaimer.