July 28th, 2009

big damn wrench


Ellen Million Graphics

I got Project Wonderful ads coded into EMG-Zine and fussed extensively with the archives pages to make the 'continue reading' bit a lot more clear. All archived articles are free to read - you just have to click through a page of nice, tasteful ads to get there. That fact seems to have been missed by a few, so I cleaned it up some. I also made the article page default to something readable if you didn't have an actual article selected. Much coding. My head is full of it.

Art and Authoring

Here's an excerpt from what I wrote last night:

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Home and health

The smoke comes and goes, flows and ebbs. Yesterday, it was like a bruise across the center of town - all purple and yellow, with a blood run sun streaming through. It's higher than it was, at least - breathing is less thick and labored.

I brought Norway to work today, because I knew I'd have the office to myself. He's a little excited about the change of scenery, especially since dogs have been here, and there are TOYS! and smells! and noises! But he's generally good. He's going to be sad when I go fetch my lunch from across the street and leave him here alone.


Orders, tonight, and a walk with the dog. Pack for camping, and an early night, because tomorrow is an early morning.