July 24th, 2009

let down hair

Thank you

There are people out there in the ether who have really put themselves out for me, and I wanted to thank you. Your comments, your support, your assistance, your willingness to take on thankless tasks and keep doing them even when they are assuredly tedious - thank you. I can't say enough about how much it means to me, and I complain too much about the people who fail in these things without saying enough about how amazing and hardworking and incredible you are.

Thank you.

I wouldn't be where I am without you.


Long day, much accomplished!

I got calendar number 2 compiled, pdfed and uploaded, paid for and ordered.

I replied to some emails. (Not enough. 128 to go!)

I fixed my Roomba! Bad motor connections, so the brushes weren't turning. Remarkably simple fix. I also took it apart and cleaned it very well, which made it much happier. And it did a GOOD job on the floor after I set it loose. I love my Roomba!

I got orders out, all but two are off my desk, and one of those is waiting on just one sticker. I'm glad I didn't push it out, though, because it had a lot of bookmarks, and I was down to boring colors of tassels. My replacement tassels (hopefully the last I will have to order!) came in the mail just today.

I delivered an order of t-shirts in town.

I did some webwork for my dayjob and got a new page functional.

I did a quick portrait sketch for a submitted description:

I critiqued a piece at Fantastic Portfolios, and updated the news.

I had a baked potato for lunch and watched some Avatar; the Last Airbender - this is a REALLY sweet show.

I worked out at the club. (Ow, my poor spongy muscles!)

Jake and I ate out at Lemongrass and now I'm wondering if it's too early for bed, because I am zonked.

You get the cliffnotes today.