July 16th, 2009

big damn wrench


Ellen Million Graphics

Calendars, calendars - so very, very close to finished with the first! I want to get it uploaded this hour.

I think the Torn World post today will be excerpts from a story I scratched...

Nothing else of note...

Art and Authoring

Here is part one of some raven sketches I owed moonvoice.

They refused to stay still for long!

Home and Health

I wore my Superman shirt to work today and totally lived up to it. By noon, I had completely caught up, did some drafting that landed on my desk and updated all of the paid orders on the website and fixed some other stuff. I got the rest of the day and tomorrow off. HOOYEAH.


Sooooo close to finished with this calendar. Upload it, wire in a phone, movie with Jake tonight, and some yummy seafood, and tomorrow off from the dayjob! Yeah!

ETA: New phone jack now wired in! There was a bad moment involving 'page not found' where I was sure I had killed the Internet, but a reset of the modem and router fixed it!