July 15th, 2009

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Ellen Million Graphics

Got the ink for the thirsty printer, so I have a pile of orders to work on again. A serious pile. O.o

(No rest for the wicked, though - I'm behind at the dayjob and scrambling badly. Today's post is brief by necessity.)

Torn World Post will be on a housing of the snow unicorn riders.

Art and Authoring

Working on this piece right now:

My goal here was to imply a color without actually using any color. Success? Any critiques at this stage?

Home and Health

It's raining! Still wickedly smokey, and breathing is a chore, but yay, rain! It's not so horrendously, oppressively hot, at least.


Work, work, work. A major bad day at the office put serious clamps on my 'get it done' attitude yesterday and I'm way behind at work, on business, on emails, just everything. CATCH UP is my goal for the day.
torn world

Torn World Flora Contest

Not because I'm not busy enough, but because when I set down an arbitrary date to start something, by GOD, I'd better make that arbitrary date:

One of the unique quirks about Torn World is that it offers the opportunity for isolated creature and cultural development, only recently brought together in our timeline. This means that we have the opportunity to create plants and animals that have adapted to very different climates and situations. We've got a big planet to populate, and we want to see your ideas!

Our first contest is: Torn World Flora Contest
Deadline: 15 August, 2009

This contest will serve several purposes! It collects entries for our contributors wiki, rewards exceptional work and will be a chance for interested contributors to weigh in on the plants that will become an important part of our world.

Torn World is a collaborative project. To that end, we are encouraging writing and artwork collaborative submissions. When a writer and an artist collaborate on an entry, if it wins in either the artwork or writing category, both collaborators get the complete prize package. Entries must be submitted as written entries accompanied by artwork, though it will be judged independently for writing and for artwork. Can't find an artist to illustrate your awesome idea? Ask here in the forums for a volunteer!

The prizes will be a papercraft copy of "Cloud on the Mountain" by Elizabeth Barrette and $5.00 in Torn World credits for artwork and an 8.5 x 11 inch print of "Bad Snowy" by Ellen Million and $5.00 in Torn World credits for writing.

All plants can be land or sea-based - Torn World has a large salt-water ocean that suffered the same time bubble affects that the dry land did. They can be based in any kind of climate that you stipulate, but their unique characteristics should reflect some kind of adaptation to their surroundings (particular features attract a particular kind of pollinator or keep grazers away, thick, leafless plants hold water in a desert, etc.). If we have not yet established the kind of climate you need, we can probably add it!

The winning entries will be shown publicly at the site as part of the background information, and will be featured in our networking updates.

All entries must be actual Torn World wiki entries, and to that end, must meet our usual submission requirements and quality standards. All entrants must be registered contributors at the Torn World site. All entries which are approved by Ellen will be added to our canon background material, and will be shown to our contributors as source material in our wiki, with proper attribution. Approved submissions will qualify the entrants as public contributors and allow them to collect credits at the site. All approved submissions will awarded 10 points of karma. (Each entrant will get 10 karma, in cases of collaboration.) Pieces which do are not accepted to the site will receive information about why they were rejected. The contributors will have the option of making edits and resubmitting them for canon after the contest is over.

Entries must contain the following information:

Common Name(s):
Habitat: (climate? range?)
Propagation: (seed? bulb? root spread? pollination requirements?)
Use: (edible? medicinal?)
Lore: (superstitions? 'royal' ties?)

Send this information in the body of an email to: contests@tornworld.net with the text in the body of the email and the artwork as a .jpg attachment in RBG format measuring 800 pixels on the long side. Use the subjectline: Torn World Flora Contest

Artwork can be any media. How weird can your submissions be? As odd as you can explain. Each weird feature needs an evolutionary reason to be there, and the plant as a whole must be functional. They may NOT incorporate features that violate established or implied laws of physics, biology, etc.

After the deadline, all work will be posted anonymously for registered contributors only. All entries are subject to private contributors-only comment (future contests may be reviewed only by the canon board, instead of by all contributors, but that board is not put together yet). For this contest, Ellen will be making all approvals to canon and awarding the final prizes.

Ellen and Ellen's immediate family are not permitted to enter this contest.

Questions, comments and requests for collaborators are welcome in reply to this post.