July 10th, 2009

sleepy, dreamstate


Ellen Million Graphics

Took a mighty pile of boxes to the post office yesterday, including the two huge boxes for DragonCon. No, not huge. HEAVY. Yay media rate.

Got 1 calendar page finished. Tonight, I MUST work further on them. And the anthology. Must, must, must.

I'll have to check when I get home tonight, but I may be sold out of the 2xl white shirts now.

Printer #2 ran out of toner yesterday mid-shipping label. *sighs* A week to get new toner in, so some orders are stalled waiting for this. Not all of them - I only do bookmarks and magnets and cards on that printer.

Torn World post for today will be the one that I meant to (and briefly thought I HAD) post yesterday... once I scan the sketches for it.

Art and Authoring

I worked for a while last night after my brain pooped out on calendars on a big piece no one's seen yet - that will stay that way for a while. It's big. As big as Roses of Fairyland. And I worked on ACEOs for Annie and Erika, finally.

Nothing scanned.

Health and Home

Stalled on siding. We're not pleased with the professionalism of the quote we got, then got some conflicting information on the product we were planning to go with, so we're pausing and doing some more research.

Dayjob today, and had a nice talk with my boss about hours and workload. I think we're on a good plan of attack to get everything done without unduly stressing me out. The new employee is working out smashingly. REALLY like her.

I still love my car. She likes to GO. And it's delightful to have a decent sound system in a car that isn't full of very loud road noise. I've never had anything so nice in my life.


Calendars! Anthology! More Dragon*Con/fair stuff! Orders! Broken record!