July 9th, 2009



Ellen Million Graphics

Invoicing for the new orders is done. I'm about ready to compile a list of needs and hit the connex box for t-shirts.

Calendars and anthology, next.

Torn World post will be on the necklaces of the Northerners.

Art and Authoring

Sketched on some necklace designs for Torn World, but haven't scanned it yet.

I'm going to take an hour after lunch to sketch or write. Haven't decided which, yet.

Home and Health

Is the cough gone? Is it really? *thumps chest experimentally* I think it may be? It helps that it poured last night and knocked some of the smoke out of the air!

Load of laundry done, and the roomba is vacuuming right now after a mad flurry of cleaning. It had gotten pretty messy with all the various traveling and mad panics we've had lately.

Still need to tackle my studio.


Calendars and anthology! I know, I turn into a broken record about this time of year...