July 6th, 2009


Monday daily thing

Ellen Million Graphics

It took all day Sunday, but artistpay is entirely calculated, all recorded, and all statements have been mailed. I wait two weeks now for stragglers to make up their minds, and send out the actual payments.

I've been rather cheerful about the task - I keep thinking to myself: "I probably only have to do this once more! Horrah!" (Though the truth is, I have a lot of overstock, so I may do a little into next year, too...)

Everyone has been really supportive of the choice, and I'm happier and happier with it the further in that I go.

Still need to get through orders, that's for this evening. I did do all the invoicing, as part of the whole artistpay exercise, and I've collected all the supplies from the connex box.

The Torn World post today will be on Others.

Art and Authoring

Not a lot to report for the weekend - I took Saturday completely off of everything (we went to Star Trek in the theater!) but did a little sketching.

This is Emeroma, a Torn World scientist.

Health and home

My cough would be more gone, I suspect, if it hadn't been so smokey lately. It lingers. Not bad, and it no longer keeps me awake, but still a little nagging.

And, as promised, photos of my new car:

Her name is Platina Valentina, in honor of Platina of the Metal Men comics (I wanted a sexy, shiny cyborg name) and Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space. Valentina comes from a Latin word meaning 'healthy and strong.' We'll probably call her Tina for short. She is pictured next to Gwen, the car we traded in, whom I loved dearly and served us very well indeed.

In housier news, only one phone in the house works, due to the installation of the new window. The wiring ran right under the window, and we took a (wrong) gamble that the line we were cutting was to a box we had abandoned. We have a solution, but it will take a little wiring by yours truly, and I need some parts for it. In the meantime, no message machine. I hardly ever check it anyway, and rarely answer the phone, so... ah well.


Work! I'm up a little early to see Jake off to the airport for a 2-day Barrow trip, and I'm going to go into work early to get reports out. I have an eye appointment at 1:45, and if I can get everything done by then, so much the better. (Though I honestly doubt it...)

Orders in the evening. Torn World post in a bit.
fangirls, SG-1


I LOVED the new Star Trek movie.

Sylar/Spock was so entirely, perfectly perfect. And Kirk. And... and... my only casting gripe was Uhura (she should have been less runway model skinny and more voluptuous). I went in with lukewarm expectations and went out wanting to own it.