July 2nd, 2009

ellen with wrench

Daily doses

Ellen Million Graphics Update

The problem with making an announcement about shutting down my business is that.... people order. So I've got a ton of orders to do this weekend. That's not all bad, I suppose.

The Torn World post for today will cover a basic, macroscopic introduction to the system and planet. But it will wait until this afternoon, because there is potential for car buying this morning. Ee!

Art and Authoring

I did some art!

House and Health

Car goes here. Because car is exciting enough to mention in every category it fits in. My only reluctance at this point (after doing a few more days of research) is that it would be nice if 'picking a color' included actual colors. You know, CHROMATIC colors? The blue on the webpage looks okay, if a little wussy, but the green is more gray than green, and every other choice is bereft of actual pigment. (Oh, there's a brown, but I am so not buying a brown car. Especially not a turd-shaped car. While I'm working as a septic engineer.)

Still coughing, but it's a much, much dryer cough, and the sneezes are little and cute now instead of being like a scene out of Ghostbusters.


Did I mention the car?

I have to work this afternoon, and I get tomorrow off!