June 16th, 2009

big damn wrench

Fighting Sitting Down

Many things are frustrating me right now - primarily free time (lack thereof) and how much of my soul my dayjob is eating. Stupid dayjob.

(It's a generally GOOD job, and I know that a lot of people would do dire things to get one right now. I shouldn't gripe. But sometimes, it drives me a little nutty considering how much OTHER stuff I have to do. More important stuff.)

Finally got display rental information for D*C, though I still don't know my booth number. I also need to call and get additional membership(s).

Ursula's calendar this year shall be frogs! I'm downloading the files for it now. If I am Very Very efficient, I may get it uploaded to the printers before I leave for Cordova. Jake is in Anchorage tonight, so I'm having a big work night. I may even be up to all hours of the morning, depending on how things go - there is more flexibility when I don't have to worry about keeping someone else up, and I have a cubic crapload of things to do (and keep adding to my damn list).

Work now, though. Drafting, drafting, drafting!