June 14th, 2009

wrench in the works

That was a giant waste of my Saturday

I've added another Will Not Vend Again venue to my lengthening list.

I think I lost more in ruined product than I made. There were good spots - it was, at least for a while, a nice sunny day out on a lawn with some great live music, and there were some wonderful people who helped me out when I most needed it. (Vending solo can be a bit of a juggling act, and some tasks are just a helluva lot easier with another set of hands.)

Drove home feeling sorry for myself, but then realized that at least I have a nice house with a great husband to come home to. He helped me hang my tent on the line, poured me into a shower, made me a delicious rummy drink and listened to me vent about the awful parts of the day before cooking up some pasta and popping in an episode of Dark Angel for me.

Despite my title, it wasn't an awful day, it just wasn't fruitful, with patches of absolutely horrible.

Today I gamed, and bought new raingear for next weekend, and more pants that actually fit, worked on the map for Torn World, and drew this: