June 12th, 2009


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I got absolutely NAILED with a migraine last night. At one point, Jake said I must be feeling better, because I'd gone from death pale, all the way to splotchy. Oh, the flattering things our loved ones say.
enough time

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I've been doing shows enough now that it only took me a few hours tonight to stock and pack up for the Folk Festival tomorrow. One 10x10 booth, including table, EZ-up, t-shirt racks, displays, and everything I'll have for sale fits in my Subaru. It's a tight fit, but it's all crammed in there now, all tetris-y and efficient. It's no wonder that I was able to dazzle my mother-in-law with my mad packing skillz.

My new contacts are pretty nice - I can tell they are more breathable, and the vision in the left is crystal clear. The right... not so much. I don't think it's correcting my astygmatism as much as the last pair were, but I'm not sure any contacts have ever gotten it quite right. Everything's just a bit shadowed if I shut my left eye.

Hmm! Hunger pang!

The Torn World coding shall have to wait until after dinner. (I did get the character creation filters in place today, and add the character ownership limits to the member database! I've finalized the submission flow, and am ready to tackle character creation next, since that's what I'm sure folks will want to do first!)