April 29th, 2009


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  • 14:06 Feeling retreaterly. Making myself post anyway. Would be more effective if I actually had something interesting to say! Working, working... #
  • 15:38 Sometimes I look at my site(s) and I want to take it all down and start from scratch, being older and wiser now... #
  • 20:15 Sometimes ideas are like lightning bolts. Sometimes, they are more creeping, like imaginary voices in the wind, or in the hum of a machine. #
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Houseblatherings, mostly.

I owe you folks a real post! Mostly, today, you will get houseblatherings...

THE FLOOR IS PAINTED! We've done it in bits and starts, being as we need to USE the floor as we're painting it, and I finished the last square before I left for work this morning. Beautiful, beautiful green again!

We also got the stove fan space covered, finally. We cut the plywood for it and painted it the same green as the floor, and hung a wooden lizard sculpture onto it. It makes a tremendous difference in the level of finish in the main room. Photos to follow.

(It probably says something about how unsophisticated we are that Jake and I were so over the moon about a piece of painted plywood screwed up above the stove...)

We also put the ledge on the relight, which Velcro thoroughly Does Not Approve Of. We're not sure why - it's wider than the raw edge had been, but I think she was traumatized by the construction of it or something, because she has been avoiding it like crazy and going the long way around to get up and down the stairs.

Poor Norway is constantly convinced he's in trouble, because we're banishing him from the house to paint floors so much lately.

It was 60 degrees by the time I drove in to work today! I am soaking up the rays! Down in town, most of the snow has finally crept away. We have plenty up on the cool side of the ridge, alas. It will be another week of this before ours goes away, I think.

Just booked tickets to Juneau for the end of May. Jake's going down for training, so I used airline miles to join him for 3 nights. I haven't been to Juneau since I was really young and don't remember it at all. I will be bringing art supplies and my camera. I wonder how many oil paints I can stuff in a ziploc quart bag.

Several story ideas juggling around in my head, and a few other oddball ideas that are waiting to coalesce into something tangible. Remind me that I don't need more projects!!