April 20th, 2009

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I was brainstorming about my list with Jake last night, and he really liked numbers 1 - 3. Four... he thought I should just publish Torn World as a novel, which it refuses to be, and says this project is something I've done before. I sort of blinked.

E - How so?
J - It's another one of those feel-good charity things that will make other people money, but not you, while you do all the work.

I had to laugh and agree with the potential. But my point with number 4 is: that's okay. It's for me, because I want to. My 'me' project. I convinced him of this, and he came out the other side feeling like this was not only okay, but even a good thing, in proper quantity.

We started listing off the areas under the EMG umbrella.

J - Portrait Adoption. The Fantasy Art Shop.
E - Fantastic Portfolios.
J - What's that?

(I explained it a little.)

J - Okay, that.
E - EMG-Zine.
J - And that. (He approves of this one because the anthologies impress him so much.)
E - Print Services.
J - And THAT.
E - And then Torn World.
J - That, too.
E - Jesus Christ, I really AM crazy.

I didn't even mention the custom tarot site (still on backburner, but not abandoned entirely...).

Then we painted the floor and had cookies and milk, watched an episode of The IT Crowd and went to bed.