April 2nd, 2009

wrench in the works


I'm feeling a little crazed!

Tonight I have three big orders to fill, taxes to finish, bills to pay and laundry to do (or it won't dry in time to pack). Then I have to pack, work a full day at the saltmines tomorrow, set my site to be away (autoreply, change the order messages, change the order pages...).

I've got a freelance web job that needs to also be finished tonight (if they solve their upload problems and get back to me, anyway...) and a billion and three emails in my inbox.

Some of that will be solved before I go. Some of it will not. I'm trying to be zen about that.


  • Scoop the cat box
  • Back up my laptop
  • Deposit checks at the bank
  • Did I say 3 orders? Try 13. Can't count. All half-finished now.
  • Call Dr and get a refill on my Epipen prescription so I don't die in convulsions if stung by a bee down in those warm climes that actually have bees.