March 31st, 2009

Twisty tree

(no subject)

It is always winter.
There is nothing but winter.
Winter is boundless and endless and dark and I'm tired of it.

Please, please, Mt Redoubt, let us leave the state at the end of the week! I need green things, not more *&^?#$ snow.


I need to work on EMG-Zine today, and pay bills. Got a paycheck and am reminded why I'm going to work every day, yay.

Hmm. Last day of the month! I should check my list...Collapse )

For April

(The month, not the delightful people I know by that name. :P)

Torn World:

Finish "City of Lights" for April 23.
Final-edit 2 stories.
Finish credits and karma coding.


Stay abreast of orders and submissions.
Start poking at order tracking/backend stuff.
Work further on the new look.
Decide what to do.

Print Services:

Finish backend pages - ordering and admin.


Finish layout for anthology.

Portrait Adoption:

New look
Finish one adoptable piece.


Finish Storybook color for contest.
Start color on Something Big.
Submit taxes (THIS week).
Ad for horror magazine (ASAP, oops!).
Gone April 4-18 (volcano willing...).