March 30th, 2009

ellen with wrench

I have a wrench!

Business-y stuff:

Coding for the day: Fixed a 'letters to the editor' bug at EMG-Zine, and made it so that subscription dollars were allotted by post instead of pass, which also allows more than one dollar at a time, AND I made sure it checked to make sure you weren't spending more than your balance. I'm stewing over the idea of emailing the contributor when they get credits spent on them. (Mostly I don't want to implement this until I'm done with all my testing so I don't email flood anyone...)

It's also worth reminding:

Note that you can get 3 months of advertising at EMG-zine for just $10, and that includes a subscription that allows you to bypass advertising pages on the archives and 8 whole dollars of that YOU get to spend on YOUR favorite authors. There are very few banners in the rotation right now, so that's a good bit of exposure, and it's a really nice feeling supporting the authors you get the most from. And for just $10? I challenge you to find something you can buy for $10 that so many will get so much from.

And while I'm being reminder-y:

The May theme is fire, and the deadline is April 1. That's an easy theme! I KNOW you've got something with fire! Don't let me down!

List-y stuff:

Need to make pretty for the next 'zine issue, and post my news and ads, before Wednesday.

Today I need to run by and put in my paperwork and extra booth request for the fair, I have packages to mail, and then I need to make soap orders tonight.

But now, septic reports and waiver requests and other exciting things from the world of poop.