March 29th, 2009


Can't sleep, the clowns will get me...

I haven't stopped moving all day. We deconstructed a corner of the upstairs and built cabinets for it, which involved stripping the old bookshelves and sorting though everything on them. And leaning beside them. We went through a stack of paperwork that included receipts and coupons that expired in 2005. Vast quantities of old magazines were thrown out, and the new shelving has doors and space for some art supplies that were taking up space in a filing cabinet that is better used as space for actual files. It looks SO much nicer now. Probably less of a fire hazard now, too.

I also cleaned all the floors (because you do that before you build new cabinets on them) and somehow that involved scrubbing several long-ignored corners with pine sol on my hands and knees. Many jokes were cracked and many sponges were lobbed.

Watched the last 3 episodes of BSG! Was not entirely won by the last episode, but didn't detest it. The very, very end (after the Return of the King like 'is it ending yet?' series of not-endings) was okay. Other parts... eh. I will ruminate on it more later as I am able. Please link to any thoughts you had in the comments - I was in fingers-in-the-ears and la-la-la when the episode actually aired, but would love to see what you guys thought now!

Sleep now, clowns or not. Work tomorrow, and not the fun kind. Much catch-up to do, and many projects to get out this week. Tired already just thinking about it!