March 27th, 2009

torn world


So... I'm working on this not-so-secret project, and I'm today, I'm thinking about quality control.

Very basic background: it will be a shared-world, collaborative project. Members can create and control characters, write stories, make artwork, etc. There will be a subscription system, and people will be able to use their original work commercially. Membership is open to everyone.

What I don't want: to be glutted with poor and mediocre quality work. That's a very real risk with open membership. (I'm sure we can all think of several examples...)

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To do today:

Get Tiziano's teas up
Fill soap orders
Fill print orders
Sale for April
Email to list - new sale, new teas, new designs, Mythic Oracle, new artist, possible shipping delays due to volcano and closure Apr 4-18 (volcano willing...).
Want to get the new rebranding project up by the first of the month to update w/ EMG-Zine.

Reprint Storybook piece for second attempt at color

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New Work

A very warm welcome to the following artist, new to Ellen Million Graphics' Fantasy Art Shop:

Tracy Cornett

We've also got some new work up from other artists! Here are just a few:

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