March 19th, 2009


Thursday (very) Randoms

Three white ptarmigan were outside my work window today, clinging to a willow and munching away at it. They looked far too fat to be supported by that wimpy little willow, but they made do.

Great dane puppy at work today - a spotty black and white one with pretty blue eyes. So tiny! Such big paws! So clumsy! So cute!

Started looking at coding for the improved FAS search features, but managed to completely confuse myself and have set it aside until I level up in arrays a bit. Merge? Include? Implode? Explode!

For lunch: an orange soda and a salami, cheese, lettuce and red bell pepper sandwich. MM! With Tuscan 3-cheese Kettle chips.

Jake and I have been going to the athletic club and working out for an hour 2-3 days a week. It is marvelous. It feels, honestly, remarkably like getting a massage - my muscles are sore and tingly afterwards, but I feel de-toxified and healthier.