February 24th, 2009

ellen with wrench

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At about 9:15 this morning, I declared a day do-over and drove home.

There, I collected my cellphone, the postage I had printed but not affixed to the package I attempted to take to the post office, my contacts case and fluid and my sunglasses. Then I drove back into town with stars better aligned to pick up my repaired glasses (they weren't done on my first visit), visit the eyedoctor (who wasn't in when I was first there) and mail the package with postage this time. And lo, I could see, because of the sunglasses. And get phonecalls, because of the cellphone.

I have henna! I ordered a little starter package that I'm dying to fool around with. Yay!

My email appears to be down. Hmm.
big damn wrench

Turtling forward...

Coloring books have shipped to me! (Four boxes of them!)

I am drowning in boxes already... I have a big old behemoth of Chai tea that I have not mustered the energy to finish labels for, and a box of Biting Pear soaps that I need to finalize packaging on, and the anthology, and now will have coloring books. Plus, I want to get stock of the Mythic Oracle, and a few other things of bulk and mass that need ordered (ah, I'm out of totes! Except for pink!).

Filling orders as fast as I can, and I have only just beat my inbox down under 200 emails again. I think it's winning.

Got some coding done on Torn World in the cracks of today and triumphed mightily over my thumbnails issue. Horrah! Art submission page is almost finished, and I fixed a horrible, nasty little error that deleted supporter subscription dates if someone updated their profile...

Back to orders!

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I just took out my contacts because my eyes were starting to bother me, and SNAP. My newly repaired glasses broke right in half again.

So miffed.