February 3rd, 2009


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It's always interesting to see what LJ archives as posts-in-progress when I'm being slower at blogging than usual. In this case:


Am I a bad friend? I asked Jake, a while back.


I apparently got no further in blogging than that. His answer, as I recall, was that I wasn't a *bad* friend, per se, but I could be a little distant.

I suppose there's truth to that. (I was originally intending to write something long and drawn out on the topic, probably, but meh... who has time?)

We got our replacement DVD player in the mail yesterday and it works FABULOUSLY. I'm so happy. The previous one was very frustrating, and wouldn't play about half of our disc collection.

Even with my general behind-ed-ness (that virus had horrendous timing, dammit. Sunday was my catchup day!), I have been taking a little art time as I can possibly squeeze it in. Just sketchy fun, not serious, very fluffy stuff.

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And to complete the minutia: I am having mooseballs and baked potato for lunch today!