January 20th, 2009

enough time

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Very productive day so far - showered, got bills and credit cards all lined up. (3 weeks after they cancel my business card, oops, they need proof of my physical address before they can approve the replacement card that they said they already approved. ARGH. *flail*) Ordered a shipment of chai tea (I heart my tea guy!). Edited the proof for the anthology and uploaded the fixed page and contacted the printer about the credit card. (Tried to call, but my rep was out.) Printed checks. Filled out W9 forms for my freelance work. Filled some dozen and a half orders before I ran out of shipping cardboard. Have a hair appointment at 12:45 to FIX MY HAIR, and then work in the afternoon. Belly dancing tonight.

Coding accomplishments from the weekend: new character database management for RTH. Fixed some stuff in the lilypad headers and got the Print Services into alpha testing. (Doesn't quiiiite qualify for beta yet, really.)

And I had art time! Worked on an RTH illustration, and that Steampunk Rapunzel piece that doesn't scan worth spit. Shalln't show it off until it's finished.

Now, cutting more cardboard, printing shipping labels, and prepping for work...
wrench in the works

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Good thing I got a lot done this morning.

This afternoon? NADA.

I think I'm a little high on ammonia fumes.
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