January 18th, 2009


Notes for self...

Print services progress: got it added to the backend menus, permissions (hopefully) all correctly set. Still need to work on the editing and ordering pages.

I need beta testers! I will need some fantasy art shop artists, some PA artists, some who are both, and some who are neither. This will be straightforward - I'll need you to attempt to register (if you aren't already an artists), and then upload a file for the print shop, and see if you get errors, etc. Comment, PM me, or use telepathy if you'd like to help out.

Also, Fantasy Art Shop submissions are open!! http://fantasyartshop.com/artists.php

Fixed a little bug in PA that was so minor I'd forgotten about it.

Got a little fun RTH fiction started and worked on some Torn World setting stuff.

Learned how to solder for stained glass and finished up some framed mirrors for the fair.

And watched Back to the Future. Yay!