January 11th, 2009

ellen with wrench

Good Sunday...

Got many little coding things done today, including a start on the wishlists at EMG. A very, very bare start, but still, something. I also fixed a little bug at FP, and a calendar bug at EMG-Zine. I'm trying to get Something done code-wise everyday, no matter how small, because my coding list for the year is so very overwhelming.

Had very odd dreams last night - largely centered around becoming a surgeon for the vampire mob. By mob, I mean Chicago-style, in suits with Italian accents and 1920s hats. My offices were in the back of an ice-cream shop, in the 'dental section.' (It made perfect sense, in my dream, that there were dental offices behind the ice-cream shop.)

These vampires were not hollywood super-healers - although they did not die from wounds, and they did not bleed. When they go sliced, the skin would flap off of them until someone (me, apparently) sewed them back up. They were not very bright - very large and blustery, but not smart or suave. While surgeoning one of them up, I discovered that if any wood got trapped beneath their skin, however miniscule, it would send them into a coma. Gosh, I found myself thinking. Hope they don't get splinters often. They shouldn't go into carpentry as a profession.

Strange vampires, but better than sparkly.