December 21st, 2008


2008 in review.

2008 has been... interesting. Good interesting. Better than bad.

I learned a lot, lived a lot, did more art than I thought I had, wrote less than I wanted to, but more than I expected to, and feel pretty good about what I got done, in general. It's not as much as Some People on my friendslist (you know who you are!), but enough.

I'm a little disappointed - I can't find a list of goals for the year to compare this to! I shall definitely have to make one for 2009. It's already longer than this, of course...


Owl's Gift
15 Portrait Adoption portraits
Roses, in ink...
...and then in color!
Fire and Water
Fallen Angel
The Trains Must Run on Time
The Morrigan
Color on Unicorn Hatchling (hmm! Haven't posted the final on that anywhere yet, I guess. Will do so when I'm back open for orders as promotion for the last copies of Fantasy Babies.)

Writing (fiction):

Golden Statues
The Wrong Kind of Snow
Medic (Serenity Fanfic) (unlocked now!)
The Test (Jenny/Bjorn)
Just shy of 20k words of Torn World fiction that still needs editing.

Writing (nonfiction):

Fair Use
Orphan Works - probably the widest read thing I've written!
Ice Spiders walkthrough

EMGish stuff:

3 calendars and 1 anthology finished. (Anthology in proofs now)
1 coloring book finished (Fantastic Magic)
2 coloring books nearly finished. (Goddesses of the World and Dragons, Fairies and Fantasy Horses 2) - I expect to finish these before new years!
Nearly a month without working email records! (SO painful!)
12 full issues of EMG-Zine (with help!).
Added some thousand-odd new designs to the giftshop.
Tell Me a Story, finished!
Added tea to my lineup. Improved SEVERAL product lines.
Did agentwork and escrow services for the first time, which worked out VERY well.

Major decisions:

(One still withheld.)
Major move to trust order fulfillment to an outside party. Has so far worked out wonderfully, shall be phased into action much further throughout 2009.


New front page at EMG - required me to learn CSS!
Torn World - I'd say its about halfway there...
New product pages at EMG, including new 'product information' links, with photos, where I have them.
Took over the site. - doesn't look like much from the outside, but is VERY nifty in customer and order tracking from the backside.
Can submit months ahead at EMG-Zine.
Credits and other nifty things at EMG-Zine.


3 bellydancing classes!
Learned to operate an excavator.
Went to Las Vegas for the first time.

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