December 16th, 2008


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Hjalp! I'm being consumed by roses...

They're eating my brains!

(Ironically, I keep looking at that lower right corner, thinking 'there should have been another one there...')

ETA another hoursworth. So very nearly done...
happy bubble fairy

Happy, day 4 and 5.


I forgot to do day 4/8 of happy things.

So, Day 4: My roomba.

I was a little reluctant about buying a robot to vacuum my floor... but hey, I wasn't. We have a seven hundred pound Kirby - from back when they were made entirely of metal. It was a PAIN to use. With painted wood floors, the other option was sweeping, which meant swirling clouds of dust and dog fur, and it was also a pain. I could do neither when my back was acting up.

When we got the PFD this year, I said, 'I'm getting me a Roomba.'

WOW. First of all, it's enormously entertaining. I love figuring out the logic its using, and it's so incredibly darling. It's like fire - very watchable in a mesmerizing kind of way.

My house is hundred billion times cleaner than it's ever been. Not only does it clean the floors, it keeps all that dust out of the air, so I have to dust a LOT less. And because the floor is already all free of dog fur and dust, I am much more motivated to actually mop more.

My Roomba TOTALLY makes me happy.

(Velcro, not so much.)

Day 5: Roses!

More importantly, being FINISHED with Roses.

It's embarrassing how emotional I am about it. Yes, happy, but also almost tearfully sad. It's all done. I have no huge looming neverending art project anymore. The original will have to go away to its new home. *sniffles* Is this normal with your art (or writing?)? I've never encountered this before. I've never spent 4 frakking years on a piece, either.

Filling some last minute orders before dance class tonight, and doing some laundry, now.