December 15th, 2008


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wanna paint wanna paint wanna paint...

But, must get orders out first. Today is the last day to mail for a CHANCE at Christmas, so out they go! Not too many - there was a nice flurry at the end of last week (nice for THIS year, would have been a slim week any other year), but I got those all out on Friday. Er, Thursday?

Wanna paint!

Some housecleaning to do today, want to work on coloring books, need to pay for the anthology proofs, and it would be smart to set up my new external harddrive and start organizing files.

But mostly, I want to paint. I frowned at it for a while and decided it needs several more washes of background color at the top edges. And more green. And all the figures need some more attention. The hourly photos are already pretty monotonous - I fear the next several will be 'you did what in that hour? I can't even tell.'

Lemme know if those photos are too big not to be behind a cut, btw.

Wanna paint! *sighs* Orders now...