December 11th, 2008


(no subject)

Done, done, DONE. All orders are made and packed up and labeled. Including ALL the Tell Me a Storys! I'm going over to Jennie's to try out her new couch and watch kitchy Japanese TV, and will drop them off at the post office then. The only thing that can't go out is this box for Ursula (need current address!) and an order that came in really late this afternoon.

I also got a new credit card (with airline miles), and sent an email to follow up on the anthology (no word on file acceptance, yet!), and did some various research and followups and emails and scheduling. I did not paint, but tomorrow looks paintworthy. I should probably do something other than tackle Roses right off, because, honest to god, I'm not sure I've painted in over a year now. A YEAR. That's very sad. I wonder if I remember which end of a brush to hold...

I've been going back over my LJ compiling a year-in-review (not the first line mememe, but a review of what I got done), and I've found that a) I suck at answering comments, b) there are many, many things on my to do lists that have gotten dropped off and forgotten without being crossed out, and c) I did a lot of art, but absolutely no color.

Ah! Gotta run to the post office now!