December 10th, 2008

big damn wrench

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Thank you for all the book input, everyone! I have placed an order from the Evil Amazon and am looking forward to pre-screening all the selections. Naturally, I will have to read them all cover-to-cover. To make sure they're suitable. And keep them, if they aren't. Woe.

I am SORE this morning. We did slow drills in bellydancing last night, and my butt is all whiny and sulky, as are my shoulders. (Taxim + snakearms) * time = pain. I like the fast ATS much better than the slow. It's more... panty and less muscly. Or something.

Snooze on the alarmclock didn't function this morning, so the 8-minute-snooze turned into 30 minutes and led to much morning scrambling. Worse, the sleep I fell back into was extremely deep and full of very odd dreams, and I feel impossibly fuzzy-headed and floaty now.

I have orders to fill - little last minute stuff spilling in that has to arrive by Christmas, so I'm pushing them out as fast as I can. Need to get into the connex box; I'll have to call the Yeti and see when he will be by to open it. (In the cold, it gets extremely difficult to open, and I'm not supposed to.)

Best get to it... maybe I'll have some writing or drawing time in the afternoon if I'm quick about things.