November 18th, 2008


Unexpected weekend!

We were awakened, horribly, at 3 this morning to a shrill BEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEP that woke us both out of sound sleep (and very odd dreams) and confused us. Wasn't the fire alarm, the dog is our house alarm and it stopped after just two of the dreadful sounds. We thought it was the battery backup on Jake's computer, but the clocks downstairs were all still correct, so there hadn't been a power interruption.

After a chilly trip around the house to inspect things, testing the fire alarms and determining they definitely weren't the cause of the sound, we decided it was just the battery backup having a hiccup and didn't know what to do other than try to get back to sleep.


These are not little beeps, quiet or short, and if they were ever to design an alarm clock specifically to cause heart attacks, this would be it. Seriously, I can't imagine a bucket of ice water being worse.

We turned the battery backup entirely off, and the power to it off, but could not get back to sleep for sometime.

The alarm going off this morning was very unwelcome, and Jake got up and called in a personal day, so instead of a 7 AM morning, we had a 10:30 lazy morning, and I got nothing 'done' today, to speak of. We did go for a brisk walk, and have french toast for a late breakfast. Wordcount for the day = 0.

I have FINISHED Tell Me a Story. Finished. Done. It took me three tries to like the back cover, and I'm still not thrilled with it, but I REALLY like the guts, and the front cover works. I inked several extras for it today, and some of the pieces for it are exclusives. (Okay, I am waiting on permissions for one quote. And I have to do the inside front cover with ISBN. Other than that, completely done.)

Tomorrow, I'll see about getting it printed, tackle the anthology, and finish the rest of the orders laying about in half-completed parts.

Tonight, bellydancing (last class until Dec!).