November 17th, 2008

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I am selling out of colored t-shirts and the cap-sleeved shirts. Size L is moving fast, and I am already sold out of them in the cap-sleeved shirts. If you are contemplating a shirt as part of your holiday shopping, now's your chance!

Shop here! Support your favorite artists!

I'm hoping to have purses back in stock in the next two weeks, cross your fingers!

In other news, the economy appears to continue to swirl down the toilet. My brother in law is being laid off (and he had a Very Stable job - his company went from a few thousand new construction jobs a year to TWO and is going out of business) and more and more of my Internet friends report the same. Bleh. Bad time of year for this!

Monday update

Yesterday, after several days of working steadily on it, I hated Tell Me a Story. Today? Hmm! I like it again. I have finished a draft of the cover, and will now sit on it to make sure I still like it in the morning. The guts are to the same point and printed in a nice satisfying stack. The art that needed to be rescanned is rescanned, stitched and cleaned up, all the written bits are done, and did I mention that I LIKE it? Ask me again tomorrow...

Got 1116 words written in 30 minutes over lunch using writeordie, and hope to do that a time or two more today. I should practice my bellydancing, too. Soooo lazy...

Had a lovely weekend, good bellydancing show, got a lot of orders worked on and several mailed today.

Dishes now. Then writing.

Nanocount: 13737!