November 7th, 2008


(no subject)

I've been lame about email the past week or so, but this morning I beat it back from ~150 down to 86, so that's a plus! One order left to print and one to package, must shower, and then I've got administrative fun to do until I'm called to take pictures of the work site. Meeting at 2:20 to deliver an order, and then I have to print what I can for the bazaar this weekend. Need more mousepads, and to sort through the general stock - this is the show I can only have my own and Jennie's work at. I'm good on tote bags (made a bunch yesterday), and the etched moleskines got here (squee!), but I'm low on prints, for sure. If I get inspired, I might do some matting. Jake's got hockey tonight, so I imagine I'll be working until pretty late.

In other news... I have no other news. Sorry to be boring.