October 13th, 2008

Are You Sure?

Drama per capita hits new high!


I definitely had a great time and will do it again. It was worth it for entertainment value alone. I made back my table fee, if not my hotel fee, and spent hours and hours in the hot springs relaxing and catching up with Melody on Friday and early Saturday and with Jennie on Saturday and Sunday. Very fun. Super fun. There were only a few dozen attendees for the Goddess Fest, but they were all very sweet, and bought up several copies of the two oracle decks I brought, took my business cards, etc. I got some writing and art done in the long downtimes, and got my palm read (one kid, procrastination is a problem, good heart and health lines, I have no problem making money, I'm developing common sense well, have a past sorrow to get over still) and did I mention soaking? Lots of soaking. My digits spent most of the weekend all wrinkly and raisin like and I'm very de-toxified.

But this festival had more drama than any other that I've attended.


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Now, I have many emails to catch up on and some workstuff, and then I have to go inspect a septic site and pick up my car with its newly installed heated seat!
big damn wrench

To dos

~Compile photos for work and email Mark about Nenana status.
~Emails - like 100 down, only 96 67 73 80 goddamnit left in my inbox
~Adoption payments
~Finish Medic and post to NAGS. (It's not as bad as you think it is, Ellen.)
~Beta for Marie
~Scan art from weekend
~Clearbags order
~Shirt order
~Karen's card rack - to be brought to gaming on Sunday.
~Clean shower
~Dance class Tues night - enrolled
~Gaming sunday, Serenity
~Work Wed and Thurs - Friday has been requested, but will probably definitely be denied.
~Pick up calendars from Becca's house, and mail all backorders.
~Other stuff I'm starting to lose track of...