September 30th, 2008


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Yesterday was not productive. Let's review the list:

Orders - fill at least 15. 25 would be better. I got 8 done. Lots of parts for the others, but only 8. **dies**
Clean studio I did actually do this. You just can't tell now.
Post "weekly" announcement at EMG forums Woops.
Finish the Ice/Spider piece and submit it to EMG-Zine for the November issue. Nope
Work on anthology Didn't even open it
Call sister about installing dog door for her with Jake this evening Sister was called, but the dog door-ing was rescheduled for today.
Start on Birthday specials page I thought about it, does that count?!

*cracks knuckles* Clearly I have my work cut out for me today.

Also, Mars needs women! EMG-zine needs 'ice!'
big damn wrench

A bucket on a String.

I was going back through my LJ archives to figure out when Fantastic Portfolios officially opened (dude, it was only/already a year ago! This month!) and I came across an older post about how happy I was to have a full-sized fridge. That was a HUGE step up from our little bitty dorm fridge. Which was a HUGE step up from the bucket on the string.

Yes, when we moved in here, we had no power, and no stairs, so our refrigerator was a 5 gallon bucket on a string in the basement. It was cool down there - cool enough for milk and veggies, if not meat for more than a day - and we'd raise and lower it to get whatever food we could fit in it.

We've come a LONG ways.