September 11th, 2008


(no subject)

I cleaned up my friendslist a tad today - dropped a bunch of deleted accounts and some that are friends-only and I'm not friended (pretty pointless to watch!), or people I looked at and couldn't remember who the heck they were (and they hadn't friended me, or had dropped me when I wasn't looking). If I accidentally got rid of anyone who cares either way, just let me know. It's not a knock, I promise. And it's not like I post much friends-only.

And honest, if you ever find me as boring as the toast I am, please don't feel like I will shun you or hate you or dissolve into a puddle of tears or anything if you un-friend me. It will probably take me 6 months to even notice unless you are a close friend.

A busy weekend is looming, and a busy business day tomorrow. I'm down to a manageable stack of orders to get out, I have a specials page I want to get out, I have one more calendar to upload and email catchup to do. Oh, and Pathfinder's updates, though I may squeeze that in today.

Work now. By the end of today, I will have earned the mortgage payment for the month! Woo!