September 10th, 2008


EMG-Zine stuff... and stuff.

Have you guys checked out the EMG-Zine calendar? Thanks to Kir Talmage, it is up-to-date and seriously kicks some ass. Not only does it have events, but also deadlines for contests and program books and the like, and short blurbs about what each is with links to more information. An amazing reference for anyone in this field. Kir, you're awesome. :)

In that vein, be sure to submit artwork for EMG-Zine! November's theme is 'Ice.' I need to finish that last darn gem from the Ice Spiders TMAS piece and submit something myself... So much to do! So little time! (So sleepy and stuffed with so much phlegm!)

Slowly getting through EMG Submissions - new work is going up!

Worst of the cold is definitely past, but I've still got an un-fun sinus-y headache going on. Tomorrow, I work, Friday I'm off. Horrah!