September 2nd, 2008

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More politics

I hate politics because it divides people. You've got to take sides, and no one seems content to gather facts and make choices quietly by themselves... it always seems to turn into them versus us, where people are either afraid to voice their opinions because they're afraid that people will judge them, or they are so quick to voice their opinions that it feels belligerent.

If I told you guys that I voted against the ban on killing wolves from helicopters, would you judge me by that, or would you judge me by the way I've treated you for who knows how many years? Would you remove your artwork from EMG if you knew that I disagreed with the classification of polar bears as endangered? Would you consider that I'm not environmentally aware by these opinions, even though I religiously re-use even my trash, and live a lifestyle more green than a lot of hippies and a lot more conscious than any politician? Do you think that I'm a horrible person because I disagree with your definition of life and think that even if you're right, it can be okay to kill? Would you stop buying from EMG because I voiced these opinions in my livejournal?

I don't have many illusions about wildlife. Every day, I have fewer illusions about people.

I'm curious. Would you rather keep your illusions about the people whose opinions you've not heard, or would you rather know, risking disagreement? Does disagreement equate to losing respect?
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First off, friendslist, you are amazing. You are a classy and intelligent bunch of cats, and I'm really impressed with your restraint and thoughtfulness. These are touchy topics, and I appreciate your care in dealing with them.

I may post something on the wolves issues; I am debating whether a filter would be appropriate, or if it should be public... some very keen points were made in my last post about the blend of business and personal, and they require some more thought before I decide. (Option 3 being to not post it at all.)

Also, I'm trying to use more tags - kick me if I forget to.

Dinner and Futurama is sounding much better than blogging right now.