August 15th, 2008

big damn wrench


Okay, email problems down to a dull roar, and I don't think that much was lost after all. I sent them an unkind note (blush) and they did manage to figure a way to get me access to my data. Nicely written, apologetic, and everything seems back on track. One years credit for hosting on my account, and if I'm not *entirely* mollified, I'm definitely not raging. Does mean I've got hundreds of emails to answer and hundreds of spams to delete, but an end is in sight.

My thanks for your patience through all of this.

Submissions for the giftshop are open! Go submit!

Ursula's and Selina's calendars are in! They look fantastic, though I can take little credit for Selina's. The printing, great. The layout, I love. The paper, excellent. They all got hang-drilled, too. The shrink-wrapping? Wow. Did a monkey do this? I'll have to take photos, because some of them are unbelievably bad. (Too tightly wrapped, so the calendar is curled, with strange bubbles, burnt edges, loose flaps and tears.) I'm not going to be too picky about the ones being sold retail, since it's for protection and will be opened immediately, but I'll probably have to repackage the ones I sell wholesale. Because wow. Worst shrink-wrapping I've ever witnessed.

Cranberries are ripe, but it's very wet out. May gear up in rain pants and go pick anyway...