August 13th, 2008


(no subject)

I'm wrangling myself back on track... working on the Pathfinders site and project, getting the last calendar polished up, updating the artists guidelines. (April, the EMG-Zine submissions page is next on my list of things to tackle here!)

I am open for submissions for two weeks starting in two days! August 15-Sept 1, I will be accepting work again. I doubt I will be in the mood to give extensions at the end of this one. :P

Next theme for EMG-Zine is 'leaves.'

The first calendars MAY be in. I've gotten two missed deliveries, and I'm hoping the third one will be signed for at my sister's house, or that I can pick it up at UPS tonight when I get my farm share. *crossing fingers* I am slightly befuddled that I have not been charged shipping on either batch. I'm not sure what to make of that. Did they decide to extend their free ground shipping to Alaska? Some other oddness? Will I get a nasty surprise in a few weeks? (I'm afeared of the worst after that $700 shipping surprise on Urusla's t-shirts however many years ago.)

Still wrestling with email. The latest 'huh' is that I sent a message to the head-support guy regarding my continued issues and it was rejected because 'I was not a recognized Dreamhost user.' Um. What? (I did indeed send it from ellenmillion At, which is all properly hosted on dreamhost, and I was accessing it using dreamhost's webmail, so... I dunno. weird.)

Dance class tonight, which is good and I need it. My poor muscles have alternately atrophied in the cold and carried too much heavy EMG product.

The leaves are going gold, and are just beginning to flutter down. I figure in a few days, it will be a regular rain, and I will be able to pick cranberries.