August 11th, 2008


Back on my feet.

New emails are all working smoothly! Old emails... um, will still be a week off. I will definitely be adding extra goodies to orders that have been delayed. No idea where my calendars are. Still have some more take-down to do at the fair, but I was getting a migraine on Sunday, and instead of finishing that (and packing wet tents), I packed one carload and went to buy groceries for my empty house. With Jake gone, the house had exploded into chaos and we were out of food. I ate real food for the first time in a while, cleaned the house and my studio so that I could find things again, and... watched StarGate. Ahhh... that's the drug I was looking for.

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I also got Season four of Atlantis (for a surprise $15 off! Thank you check-out guy Jesse!) and have enjoyed that enormously. I wouldn't have waited this long to buy it if I'd known that Carter was in it. It's REALLY come together. I like their bad guys. I like their good guys. I adore Rodney. I like Kayley as the doctor - though I do question how anyone would get appointed to Atlantis without some serious survival training. I mean, really. As much as those people regularly go through, you'd think they'd pick well-rounded people with an iota of combat/survival experience. (Me! Me! If there's a StarGate program out there, I totally want to be recruited to it...)

Real work now. 9 episodes and one movie is enough to get my brain back on track...