August 2nd, 2008


The Ellen, she may be about to lose it. Messily.

There are eighteen thousand emails in my inbox. EIGHTEEN THOUSAND. Oh wait, now there are 18,264...

Emails continue to be repeated to me at an incredible rate. If you have emailed me, I probably have multiple copies of your email, but cannot access it whatsoever. Am incredibly pissed off about this. Icedrake, I rescind my recommendation. Support replied to my cries for help with a casual 'oh, it seems to have stopped' and 'you have forms at your site that are generating these.' I totally cried bullshit on that, because a) it has not stopped and b) the repeats are all dated with the original time and date and come from valid places like paypal and genuine clients and real spam and stuff.

And in the time it took to write this, we're up to 18,478.

It continues to rain.

ETA: 30 minutes, and I'm over nineteen thousand.