July 11th, 2008


EMG-Zine submissions for September

An (early!) reminder that we are seeking work for EMG-Zine September, in the theme of 'blades.' Betcha got something on your harddrive somewhere for that theme!


And DUDE. The EMG pages are about a billion times better than they were 48 hours ago. Product photo links! Better descriptions! Better categories and product clusters! A neater look to t-shirts particularly. And it will make my work in the backend about a hundred times easier.

Work now. Tired from all these 'last days.'

Notes for self...

Tell Me a Story - just finish these last two pieces already. I've added another hour or two worth of ink almost every day for this week on the Morrigan and it makes me want to scream that the progress isn't faster.

Calendars - slog faster! Get the others up for pre-order!

To announce at the next update: cap-sleeved clearance, new product page organization, remind locals about the fair.

EMail (3) parties about collaboration/distribution/cooperative efforts, add Mystic Memories to sidebar instead of Elfwood.

Finish emails in general.

Finish orders in general.

Ice back. Can stop hurting now, pls.