July 1st, 2008

happy bubble fairy


I get tomorrow off. Thursday, I'll have some work to do, then Friday is the 4th and I will be off until Tuesday.

Tomorrow I have the following plans:

Product photos.
More designs up at EMG.
And, orders. I'm fairly well caught up to where I need to be on these.

Tonight, I will ink further on the Morrighan piece. Slowly, slowly coming along.

I got 10 designs up yesterday, and an email out to the update list. Still need to email the EMG-Zine update list.

That Ren faire thingy that I finally decided not to do last weekend? Got canceled because of rain. Very glad I hadn't invested much energy into it. They're going to try again for next year. Maybe I'll do it then! (Because, of course, I won't be busy or anything NEXT year...)

Gaming tonight. My big plans are to bake pizzas and ink the Morrighan. Maybe blow something up, perhaps shoot some nuns. You never really know what will happen with our group. Which - oh! That's a question I've been meaning to ask!

Is drawing while hanging out considered rude?

I am not keen on 'hanging out' for the sake of 'hanging out.' I like to have something to do in my hands, and my something to do is generally art. Every so often I zone into my art and lose track of the conversation, but for the most part, I just doodle (or ink tedious texture) while paying some amount of attention to the goings-on.

Do you do this? Do you find that if someone does it to you, you feel slighted? My gaming buddies are very tolerant with me, but I've often itched to pull out a little sketchbook when conversations fail to entrance me (which is... like all the time, because I have the attention span of a gnat) in other situations, too, with people who maybe aren't artist-tolerant.

Probably most of the folks on my FL are artists, or know them, so maybe you aren't the best folks to ask...

But it's something I was wondering.