June 17th, 2008

wrench in the works

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The leaders of the phlegm resistance staged a sneak attack during the middle of the night, and have regained control of my lungs, the bastards. I sound like some odd combination of frog and stuttering motor boat, and "slept" half the night on the couch* because I could NOT stop coughing.

Got three orders out this morning before work at 9, and talked to the supplier of my mini-totes. They are out of half of what I ordered, but will be shipping the other half today, priority mail. My printer started spewing error messages over the weekend, and tried to insist that the maintenance tank was full. I ordered another, and a round of laser toner, but today it says the tank is only 70%. Stupid electronics. Oh well, it will be good to have one in stock. Need to order shirts - utterly wiped out of L and XL in white.

Work stuff is making me cranky, but it will all be over by next week. Yay. (very small flag)

On the unicorn color front - thank you all! I went all Andy Warhol on it yesterday and printed 8 teeny copies to test various colors. White with some subtle pink/blue shadows and darker feathers totally wins the squint test. I'll post 'em tomorrow if I can.

*Loveseat, actually.