June 11th, 2008


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Am still sick, but definitely better. The war has moved out of my sinuses and down into my chest, where the phlegm versus breathing battle still wages.

Grumpy with needy artists and customers who send in their paperwork/order and FIVE days later (not business days, either) want to know what the holdup is in getting them signed up/why their order hasn't arrived on their doorstep yet. *grouse* No rest for the wicked, I suppose. *writes more overly-polite emails that are vaguely apologetic.*

Got the new label stock for the soaps and teas, and am Very, Very happy with my testing of last night. The soap, in particular, looks MILES better than last year's packaging. Way easier to apply, too. Also ordered minitotes from company number 2. They were, unfortunately, unable to quote me shipping, or even assure me that shipping would be under any X dollar amount. So, I have no idea what final pricing will be and can't put up pre-orders for 'em yet.

More transfer paper on order - I'm a little puzzled because it's marked as paid, but no charges have cleared my credit card yet. Terribly pleased to see some projects from looooong ago start to pick up steam again.

I have found a new business toy that I covet desperately. Sadly, I do not have 18,000 extra dollars lying around.

Am very behind on emails - my sincere apologies to anyone waiting on me. I keep hoping to get caught up and being unexpectedly sideswiped by things that need me Now. Too many irons in the fires!
torn world

Worldbuilding and Linguistics

Language is a topic I'm rather weak on, and I'd love a little input from you folks who know a lot more than I do.

Specifically, there are two imaginary cultures that have been separated for some time. One of them has advanced ~1500 years from that time, the other only about 250 years. My premise is that people from these cultures would be able to communicate with each other, with some effort. I assume there would be some pronunciation shift, and lots of new words that have come about due to specialization and technology... but that with some patience, they would be able to speak with each other. Do you see flaws with that idea? How pronounced would you imagine the differences would be? I imagine something like comparing North American English to thick Brittish Cockney.

The base language would not be English or earth-based, but I had no real intension of developing the language. I'm not a linguist, and I like to play to my strengths. Is this a mistake, in your opinion? Does the addition of made-up words enhance the illusion of a made-up culture? Is it critical, optional, or unnecessary? (Personally, I find that the way most writers use non-English words tends to drag down a story and overwhelm the flow; I prefer a very light touch with language sprinkles.)

In a related topic, I would love to recruit a beta reader or two - someone(s) willing to critique firmly and knowledgeably on some world-building topics, short stories, scripts and overall concepts.

I am willing to return time spent in kind - I can give critiques on fiction, non-fiction or artwork, do artwork for you, or offer various products/prints/originals - whatever you'd prefer. (Plus, you get a sneak look at my [not-so-]sekrit project while it's developing!)