June 8th, 2008


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Oy! My ass is kicked!

Jake gave me his cold (thanks, honey!), and I've been leaking snot like mad and it's settling into my chest as a cough. Of course, the excavator was already rented by the time I realized I'd been diseased, so I've gamely sucked down the liquids and cold medicine (half doses, so I'm not loopy), put wadded up kleenex in my nose to keep the snot from drowning me and buckled in to move more dirt.

And, the dirt has been moved. We still have a trench to dig for the footing, but the rest of the bank was cut back about twice what it was in the last batch of pictures.

You will get no photos of me this round - I look like death warmed over.

You will get photos of baby birds, if I can manage it. We found a nest right in the bank near where we were working... right where we were planning to excavate, actually. We spared them, of course - even though it will cost several hundred dollars extra because we weren't able to make enough space to get a concrete truck to the back of the spot for the footing, so we'll have to hire a pump truck with boom, too.

Edit to add photos:

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