May 28th, 2008

happy bubble fairy

Happy birthday to me!

After three very long, solid days of dirt work (I got up at 7 AM on saturday. Ugh.), it was very nice to just take a day off for my birthday yesterday. I'm rather generally achey - I did more shoveling and raking than I ought to, and apparently running the excavator also takes some muscles I don't generally make use of. My side and shoulders are sore, and my elbows. My head has finally mostly stopped hurting, and I can brush my hair carefully. (Jake kept talking about stitches, and thought I'd opened my scalp to the skull, but it stopped bleeding too quickly for me to believe that. And it never really swelled, so pfff. Wussy injury, clearly.)

Matt seems fine following his tumble, too - a sore ankle and some scrapes, but nothing looks broken.

And damn, we moved a LOT of dirt. I started to get photos together this morning, but the computer froze up on me and I had to scoot to work.

Tuesday I took it easy - slept in (blessed sleep! Peppered with dreams of excavating!), had bacon and an omelet for breakfast, played a game of Axis and Allies with Jake, went to gaming and had cheesecake and got sung at and generally recovered from my weekend of crazy, crazy landscaping work.

I hope to take tomorrow off of work to work on EMG, and will probably need at least one more day this weekend to catch up. Soap is in! Tea ships today! Will probably get everything up this weekend, and still have to do some EMG-Zine work.

Much love and many thanks for all the birthday wishes! It was really lovely to find my friendslist peppered with nice messages!!
wrench in the works

Scalp wound progress

My scalp wound (isn't that just an awesome phrase? It's like I've been in a war...) has progressed past scabby into DAMNED ITCHY. And it still hurts a little if I smile too big.